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Webinar, Thursday, December 7, 2017 at 2-3 PM. Register here! 

It’s not just your library that can benefit from adding more sustainability to your weeding process.

While collections constantly grow, shelf space doesn’t. Join us for a discussion on how Better World Books solves weeding issues and reduces operational costs all while giving new life to your old books, empowering worldwide literacy, and supporting the environment.

Can’t make it December 7th? No problem!
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  • David Ebrite, Director of Strategic Sales & Partnerships, Better World Books
  • Carrie A. Herrmann, Director, Boone County Public Library
  • Michael Perry, County Librarian, Siskiyou California


Tricia Racke Bengel, Library Sales and Services Manager, Ingram Library Services

Submitted by Inese Christman.