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In addition to our website, WVLS strives to deliver timely and relevant information using a variety of methods.

WVLS Email Lists

What email groups should I sign up for? 

WVLS supports email lists that may interest staff. To be added to a list, email and indicate which list(s) you are interested in. Some lists are more active than others. 

Inter-Library Loan Users
Email discussion list for those who manage interlibrary loan through Wiscat.

K-12 Librarians
Email list for librarians in school libraries in the WVLS system area.

Public Library Adult Services
List for librarians providing adult services and programming.

Public Library Directors
Email list for directors of WVLS public libraries.

Public Library Youth Services
List for librarians providing services and programming to babies, children, pre-teens, and young adults.

List for library staff who perform technology support (formally or informally) at their library.

V-Cat Catalogers
List for library staff who perform cataloging at their library.

V-Cat Users
List for library staff who use Sierra.

Website Services
List for library staff who manage their library website. NOTE: because this list includes staff from other LEANWI partner library systems, inclusion in this list alone does not register a user for the WVLS All list.

WVLS Collection Development
List for library staff who purchase, weed, or otherwise manage collections at their library.

Group of all WVLS email lists – used to broadcast information of wide interest, such as Monday Mentions or internet security concerns. If you are on any other WVLS email list (other than Website Services) you are included in WVLS All.

Helpdesk -

What is ?

is your contact for the WVLS technology helpdesk, also known as “Help Scout” to the WVLS staff who monitor it.

Help Scout is a shared inbox where, with one email, you have the eyes of multiple WVLS and LEANWI system staff who are ready and waiting to take on your problems.

What should I use for?

Use to request assistance/troubleshooting with the following topics:

ILS (Sierra): Cataloging, Aspen/online catalog, loan rules, location codes, notices, paging

Technology: Computers, Email, Printers, Internet/wi-fi, Microsoft Windows, DeepFreeze, Pharos, Princh

Collections/Databases: Overdrive/Libby, BadgerLink, Ancestry


Adding/removing emails from WVLS email lists

Sign up for Makerspace kit booking or request additions to the kit collection (use Lend-Items to reserve kits)

What should I include in my helpdesk ticket?

Please include as much detail as possible about your problem.

Technology: specific computer name, printer name, user name.

Sierra: specific Sierra staff login, patron/item/bib record number.

Specific circumstances when the problem happens, how long it has been happening, who it is affecting.

What you have tried to do to fix it.

Whether you have tried shutting down the program/computer/printer and restarting it.

Contact - other library questions

Who should I contact for other questions? 

WVLS system staff are ready to help with your library-related questions. See https://www.wvls.org/contact-hours/ for individual areas of focus.