New Director Orientation


WVLS welcomes new public library directors to the system! We wish them all the best in their new role!

WVLS is one of 15 public library systems in the state of Wisconsin, serving libraries in the counties of Clark, Forest, Lincoln, Langlade, Lincoln, Marathon, Oneida, and Taylor. Our mission is to “facilitate cooperation among its member libraries by encouraging statewide resource sharing, promoting cost-effective use of available funds, and assisting member libraries in implementing and utilizing current and evolving technologies to ensure the ultimate level of library service to residents throughout its seven-county system area.”

What does that mean? As a public library system, we are here to serve and assist member library staff and trustees. Colleagues are encouraged to contact a WVLS staff member at ANY time with ANY question.

The WVLS orientation process is intended to help new public library directors in small, manageable steps and is broken out by major service areas. The timeline for this process is fluid. WVLS will customize the orientation process to align with a new public library director’s schedule and learning curve.

Questions about the orientation process may be directed to WVLS Administrative Assistant Susie Hafemeister at .

Orientation Schedule

WVLS Introduction and Getting Up to Speed, Public Library Administration, Legal Matters
Continuing Education, Marketing, Delivery, and Certification
V-Cat Consortium, ILS Services, and Recommended Practices
Technology and LEAN Wisconsin Services and Support, and Equipment Procurement
WISCAT, BadgerLink, Databases, Electronic Resources, and Cataloging
Public Library Services, Movie Licenses, Summer Library Program Grants, and Programming Resources/Kits
Inclusive Services
Map of Wisconsin Library Systems 2023
Map of Wisconsin Library Systems 2023

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