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Technology Budgeting Resources

Computer counts are based on previous year and are for reference. A request for computer count validation goes out each year prior to invoicing.

LEANWI/Libraries Win Services

WVLS, IFLS, and NWLS tech teams have combined their teams’ expertise to provide an excellent service package know as LEANWI/Libraries Win. These services are provided at no extra cost above via member dues.

Please contact the Help Desk at  with any questions related to services or budget planning.

  • One help desk ticket platform for three systems
  • Deep Freeze & Anti-virus
  • Email
  • Technology Consultation
  • Network support: Routers, Switches
  • Website design and hosting (also includes WRLS member libraries)
  • Mobile Hot Spot test devices
WVLS Consultation

Technology planning and consultation, including budget planning, is a valuable part of your library’s Library System Membership Benefits.

Please contact  with any questions related to services or budget planning.

Technology Strategic Plan
This strategy guide is intended to be a multi-purpose reference. It supports the annually updated Wisconsin Valley Library Service system plan, prescribing mechanisms to meet the goals expressed in that document which imply or expressly demand the need for information technology support. It is also a guide for Information Technology department members, presenting a clear picture of the system’s immediate and long-term goals and identifying the means by which to achieve them.

WVLS Technology Initiatives