Makerspace and Equipment for Booking

Wisconsin Valley Library Service, IFLS Library System, and Northern Waters Library Service have teamed up to provide makerspace kits, equipment, story time kits, and memory kits for member libraries to book using the Lend Items booking program.

Getting Started: Book Makerspace Kits and Equipment for Your Library:

  1. Please send an email to
    1. In your email, please include: your name, position title, library, courier stop where you will be picking up and dropping off makerspace kits, and the email you would like to use for your account.
    2. You will need either a Gmail, Facebook, or Yahoo account to register.
  2. You will receive a confirmation email from Lend-Items.
  3. Confirm your account by clicking on the link and completing your registration.
  4. Watch the WVLS Lend Items How To Video for Booking Makerspace Kits
  5. Read through the WVLS Lend Items Instructions.
  6. Book your kits and equipment!

Lend-Items Tips & Tricks

  1. Make sure to add travel days to account for courier delivery. Also consider adding days if the kit can only be picked up at WVLS.
  2. Note the booking calendar runs Monday through Sunday instead of the standard Sunday through Saturday.
  3. The booking calendar does not block off holiday closures.
  4. Do not return items to MCPL-Wausau when WVLS is closed.
  5. On the booking calendar, do not click and drag. Click on the first day of your booking and click on the last day of your booking before clicking “Book It.”
  6. The last day of your booking is the day the item should return to WVLS, not the day you send the item back through courier.
  7. Call or email to extend your booking. You cannot renew items through Lend Items.

Browse the Kits

New kits are added and older kits are removed regularly.
Below are examples of WVLS, IFLS, and NWLS kits.
Access Lend Items to view all kits and begin booking!

Newest Additions to the WVLS Makerspace!


Addition and Subtraction kit                Counting and Numbers kit              Geoboards



Jigsaw Puzzle competition kits- three designs available



KEVA Structures Building Planks          Murder Mystery kits- two games available



Shapes kit                                                     Sorting and Patterns kit                Straw Connectors



Maker and Steam Kits

Breakout EDU Escape Room Kit

Dive into a collection of 500+ thrilling games tailored for library and educational settings, all included in this comprehensive kit. Elevate the learning experience for your patrons and bring your lessons to life.


Karaoke Machines

Kick off the festivities with the Akai KS800-BT Karaoke System Bluetooth. Stream music from CDs, USB, or via Bluetooth with your smartphone. Capture your stellar performance and easily share it for everlasting memories.


Google Cardboard




Google Cardboard Virtual Reality Glasses

Unlock the world with this kit of four glasses. Discover faraway places and explore a world of locations and experiences with the free Google Expeditions app on your phone, tablet, or VR device. Lead groups for immersive AR or VR experiences guided by experts or embark on your own independent journeys.


3D Pen

3D Pen (1 Kit)

Unlock your creativity with the 3D pen! Replace ink with plastic to craft stunning 3D objects like models, art, home decor, and unique gifts.



Dash and Dot

Dash & Dot Robot kit    

Unlock a world of fun and learning with Dash & Dot! These fully assembled robots are eager to engage with your child. Utilize the free Wonder Workshop apps to easily program them using your iPad, iPhone, or Android device. Engineered with sensors, Dash & Dot can be personalized to complete a range of exciting tasks. For more information, visit Recommended for ages 6+.


Animation/Movie Kit

Unleash your creativity with this all-inclusive kit! You’ll receive 4 iPads with chargers, green screens, holders/tripods, and Stikbot action figures. The iPads come preloaded with powerful apps including Strip Designer, Animation Desk, Stop Motion Studios, Stikbot Studios, Sock Puppets, and iMovie. Let your imagination run wild and bring your ideas to life with this amazing kit!


Board Game Kit #2

A diverse collection that includes the Worst-Case Scenario Game, Balderdash, Scattergories, Apples to Apples, Time’s Up!, Beat the Experts, Blockus, Snatch-It, and Man Bites Dog. Get ready for endless fun and excitement!


Button Maker

Button Maker   

Unleash your creativity by using our 1-inch button maker, 1-inch punch, pinbacks, 2 kinds of metal pieces, and plastic covers.



Cubelets Kit      

Ignite your creativity with Cubelets, designed to spark a passion for robotics. You have the option to connect them to a device, but it’s not mandatory. If you choose to do so, you’ll need your device and a free app. Recommeded for ages 5+.



Fellows Binding Machine

Fellows Binding Machine        

Discover the powerful Quasar+ binding machine, capable of securely binding documents up to 500 pages with a 2-inch plastic comb. It has the impressive ability to punch up to 22 sheets at a time. Imagine the joy of having children write their own stories and then sending them home with a professionally bound copy!


Goldie Blox and the Spinning Machine 

Introducing GoldieBlox: a captivating construction toy and storybook set that showcases the adventures of Goldie Blox, the world’s first girl engineer. In this unique kit, Goldie creates a spinning machine to help her dog, Nacho, and soon her friends join in the fun. With the opportunity to build a belt drive machine and access to hundreds of online how-to building videos, it sparks creativity and confidence in problem-solving for young engineers aged 4+.


Discover the art of knitting or crocheting, whether you’re going solo or with a group. Enjoy the convenience of multiple sets of needles and hooks for your group.


Lego Mindstorms Set

Lego Mindostorms Set with expansion set and books  

Explore the endless creative possibilities with the LEGO Mindstorms set, equipped with revolutionary technology that empowers you to build and command robots capable of walking, talking, and achieving anything you can dream up.


littleBits Arduino Kit

littleBits Electronics Arduino Coding Kit

Discover the littleBits Electronics Arduino Coding Kit – the perfect way to dive into programming and electronics without the complexities of breadboarding, soldering, or wiring. Unleash your creativity with Arduino, a user-friendly open-source platform offering easy-to-use hardware and software.


littleBits cloudBit

littleBits Electronics cloudBit Starter Kit

Discover the littleBits Electronics cloudBit Starter Kit – an innovative gateway to the world of internet-connected devices. This user-friendly kit empowers individuals of all technical backgrounds to craft smart devices that seamlessly connect to the internet and can be controlled remotely. Recommended for ages 14+.


littleBits Synth Kit

littleBits Electronics Synth Kit (4 Kits)

Spark your creativity with the littleBits Electronics Synth Kit, an exciting analog modular synthesizer created through a collaboration between littleBits and Korg. This kit is designed to demystify synthesizer construction and sound design, making it accessible to all, regardless of their background in electronics or music. Recommended for ages 8+.


littleBits Space Kit          

Unleash your curiosity with the littleBits Space Kit! Embark on an interactive journey through space science and technology, brought to you through a dynamic collaboration between littleBits and NASA. Engage with the wonders of space in a whole new way! Recommended for ages Ages 14+.



Improve patterning, shape recognition, and motor skills with the tactile and colorful translucent Magna-Tiles. These tiles are perfectly sized for easy use in creating both 2D designs and 3D structures. They foster creativity and learning while providing hours of open-ended fun for children. Additionally, they are suitable for both independent and group play, making them ideal for library programs, classrooms, and multi-child activities.

Maker and Steam Kits

MakerStudio Gears Set

MakerStudio Gears Set 

Encourage your creativity with this set! Build a race car, cable car, three-wheeler, motorcycle, or anything you can imagine. The kit includes gears, a spool, connectors, wheels, rods, and hub caps—everything you need for endless engineering fun. Take on 10 exciting challenges to foster exploration, problem-solving, and STEM learning. Bring your imagination to life! Recommended for ages 7+.

MakerStudio Winches Set

MakerStudio Winches Set

Fuel your creativity with our engineering set! Design and build a tow truck, a jeep, a well, or a crane using the included parts, or let your imagination run wild with your own unique creations. With winches, tow hooks, spools, gears, wheels, rods, and hub caps, the possibilities are endless. Take on 10 engineering challenges to boost exploration, problem-solving, and STEM learning, while fostering creativity. Recommended for ages 7+.


3D Scanner

Imagine having the power to digitize the physical world around you with unparalleled precision. The 3D form and matter scanner is not just a device; it’s a gateway to endless possibilities. With cutting-edge laser technology or structured light, this marvel of engineering meticulously maps every contour and crevice of any object, transforming it into a high-fidelity digital 3D model.


Optoma High Def Projector

Imagine a projector that not only brings your presentations to life but captivates your audience with stunning high-definition clarity. The Optoma TH1060, with its native 1080p resolution, ensures that every detail of your content shines through with impeccable sharpness. Its 3,600 lumens brightness cuts through ambient light, guaranteeing that your visuals remain vibrant and engaging, even in well-lit rooms. Plus, with comprehensive connectivity options including HDMI and network management via RJ-45, you’re equipped for the future.


Pancake Griddle

Transform your pancakes into art, where vibrant colors and whimsical shapes come alive on your plate! By simply thinning your batter and adding a splash of food coloring, you can squeeze out intricate designs onto a low-heat griddle, ensuring each line and detail sets perfectly. Flip your edible masterpiece once it bubbles, and in minutes, you’ll have a delightful, Instagram-worthy creation that’s as delicious as it is dazzling.


PreSonus Audio Station

Elevate your audio production to professional heights with PreSonus Audio Station’s range of interfaces and controllers. PreSonus ensures your studio is equipped with top-notch audio fidelity and versatile control. Embrace the clarity, flexibility, and power of PreSonus and transform your creative space into a sonic masterpiece.


Robot Turtles Game

Robot Turtles: the game for little programmers

An enchanting board game designed to ingeniously teach the basics of programming. It offers a playful journey through coding concepts with simple commands that guide a robot turtle to treasure. It’s not just about fun; it’s about empowering kids with computational thinking skills early on, setting them up for a future where such knowledge is invaluable. Recommeded for ages 3-8.


ScanSnap sv600       

Redefine the scanning experience with this innovative, contactless design that allows you to digitize a wide range of documents and books without the risk of damage. Whether it’s delicate papers, newspapers, magazines, large drawings, or bound volumes, the SV600 captures it all with ease and precision. Its overhead scanning technology, coupled with advanced image correction, ensures that every scan is clear and accurate, preserving the integrity of your original documents.


Singer Sewing Machine

Singer Heavy Duty Sewing Machine

This robust and versatile powerhouse is perfect for tackling any sewing project with ease.  Its sturdy metal frame and potent motor team up to provide an impressive 50% increase in power and a boost in velocity, ensuring seamless stitching through even the most demanding fabrics and extensive seams. Equipped with 110 stitch options to cater to every material, coupled with a convenient needle threader and simplified one-step buttonholes, this machine is the epitome of user-centric design.


Snap Circuits

Snap Circuits Extreme SC-750R Student Electronics Training Program in case w/Battery Eliminator (5 kits)

Unleash the potential of young minds with a comprehensive and engaging journey into the world of electronics. With easy-to-follow manuals and sturdy, snap-together components, patrons can explore and understand the fundamentals of electricity and electronics in a hands-on, interactive way. It fosters a deep understanding of STEM principles, preparing students for a bright future in technology.


Speaker PA System

Speaker PA System: Musysic Wireless Professional Portable Dual Mic

Step into the world of superior sound with this state-of-the-art system boasting powerful wirless microphones. With its Bluetooth functionality, USB and SD card slots, and FM radio capabilities, your options for audio playback are virtually limitless. Durable, versatile, and designed with portability in mind, this PA system is an ideal choice for professionals who demand quality and reliability.

This item will not ship via courier as it available for pick up and drop off at WVLS.


Speaker Stand – Pyle-Pro 6 ft.

For use with Musysic Wireless Speaker PA system. This stand is crafted to support the system’s speakers, ensuring it is elevated for optimal sound distribution. The stand provides stability and is adjustable, allowing you to position the speakers at the perfect height for maximum audio impact

This item will not ship via courier as it available for pick up and drop off at WVLS.



Wind Power Electricity Generating Turbines 2.0

Build wind-powered generators to energize your electric vehicles and charge your rechargeable batteries! Kit includes two styles of wind turbine blades and a gearbox with three different gear ratios for experimenting.  Recommended for ages 8+.



Makey Makey

Makey Makey Kit

Makey Makey is an invention kit that lets users turn everyday objects into computer interfaces that can be used to send keyboard or mouse click signals to a computer. The kit includes a circuit board, alligator clips, and a USB cable. The board has conductive touch pads that can be connected to other objects to create a “controller” or “triggering device”.


Felting Kit

Needle felting Kit

Needle felting is a craft that uses barbed needles and wool to create shapes and designs. This kit contains materials for needlefelting, but borrowers will need to secure their own wool roving and other consumables.


School Age Mathmania

This kit includes building sets (LEGOS and Knex), Fractiles, Blockus (game), Set (game), Ball of Whacks, and activity suggestions along with an annotated list of books to share.


School Age Science Fun

This kit includes magnets, microscope along with prepared slides, balance scale with weights, and activity suggestions along with an annotated list of books to share.

Early Childhood, Storytime, and Board Book Kits

Early Childhood Kits

Each kit includes a variety of hands-on manipulatives to explore a specific theme.

Themed kits available:

Early Childhood Home and Community Play Kit

Early Childhood Magnet Kit

Early Childhood Water Science Kit

Storytime Kits

Each kit includes a variety of elements- books, props, music, and large motor materials– to make a storytime work.

Themed kits available:

Around the World


Being Brave









Nature Trip


Outdoors Wisconsin

Outer Space


Sensory Storytime


Board Book Kits

Each board book kit includes 20 copies of the same board book, for unison reading. Thank you to IFLS Library System!

American Babies by Global Fund for Children (funded by LSTA grant from the IMLS)

Brown Bear, Brown Bear What Do You See? by Bill Martin.

I Went Walking by Sue Williams, illustrated by Julie Vivas

Moo, Baa, La La La by Sandra Boynton

My Amazing Day by Karin Fisher (funded by LSTA grant from the IMLS)

Peek-a-Boo Baby by Margaret Miller (funded by LSTA grant from the IMLS)

Tip Tip Dig Dig by Emma Garcia (funded by LSTA grant from the IMLS)

Zoom, Zoom Baby by Karen Katz (funded by LSTA grant from the IMLS)




Memory Kits

The Building Dementia-Friendly Libraries in Northern Wisconsin project addresses the informational and social needs of individuals with memory loss residing in nursing homes, assisted-living facilities, attending senior centers or are homebound.

Memory kits are designed to support discussion. Memory kits might be used during Memory Cafés, reminiscence programs, or small group discussions. A Memory Café is a place where individuals with memory loss and their caregivers can gather in a safe, supportive, and engaging environment.

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