WVLS will be discontinuing funding for the service contract for Kajeet Smartspot hotspots at the end of 2024.

We understand Kajeet will work with individual libraries to create direct contracts for service in 2025 and after. A library could continue with Kajeet services and the management of current devices in their Sentinel portal directly through Kajeet.

WVLS and LEANWI partners will continue researching other options available to public libraries. Some preliminary considerations:

  • The primary issue with Kajeet’s service is the blocking of major streaming services as part of their “unlimited data” plans. At last review, they had no completely unfiltered options. There is a public library tailored “Patron Platinum” plan which only blocks certain adult content, detectable malicious traffic, file sharing and various VPN protocols, approximate cost of $55/month.
  • Libraries can procure highly discounted devices and T-Mobile unlimited data service plans proxied by Mobile Beacon through Tech Soup.
  • The State of Wisconsin holds contracts – available for review in the VendorNet Portal – with several major carriers for mobile services, including “unlimited” data-only plans. “Unlimited” varies by vendor. Available plans would cost between $35 and $40 per month and have a throttling cap at some rate of use (from 20GB – 100GB per month period at first glance) with lower throughputs for “unlimited” amounts of data thereafter. MetTel, appears to be a middle-tier/proxy service provider that can offer devices/service plans with a mix of carriers under state contract through a single business account.


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