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NEW! Windows Snipping App
Time: 3:37
Need to capture something on your screen? Jamie talks about the Windows Snipping App, which is easy and convenient to use.

NEW! Good Calculators
Time: 5:01
Jamie talks about an educational and fun tool that can help library patrons of all ages.

NEW! Google Forms
Time: 15:11
Anne talks about creating a Google Form and how to share it.  Watch

WVLS Employment Page
Time: 2:07
Jamie talks about the WVLS Employment Webpage, and how it can assist librarians searching for jobs, and libraries posting jobs. Watch

Time: 4:11
Jamie talks about the helpful features of the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) app, related to the coronavirus. Watch.


Recent Digital Bytes

Social Media Message Optimizer
Time: 5:26
Jamie talks about using CoSchedule’s Social Media Message Optimizer to see if you’re getting the most out of your library’s social media posts, based on several factors.

Communications Tips (While Wearing a Mask)
Time: 8:07
Are you and your staff wearing masks while interacting with patrons? Jamie shares some helpful communication tips while you are wearing a mask. 

Unpleasant Conversations (During a Pandemic)
Time: 9:15
Jamie gives tips on how to handle unpleasant conversations while our libraries start to reopen during the coronavirus.

Mindfulness App
Time: 2:12
Jamie talks about a free app that can help reduce stress and increase productivity.

JCW Resume Builder
Time: 10:29
Anne talks about using the Job Center of Wisconsin online resume builder. Watch

Using Bluejeans
Time: 10:46
Jamie demonstrates how to use Bluejeans as a moderator.  Watch

Scanning Documents On Your iPhone
Time: 3:24
Don’t have access to a scanner? Jamie talks about using your iPhone to scan documents as a PDF file.  Watch

Images on Websites
Time: 12:24
Anne talks about the importance of resizing images for your library’s website, and how to do it using Canva.

WVLS 2020 Scholarships
Time: 5:56
In this Digital Byte, Jamie talks about the scholarships available to WVLS member library members in 2020.

WVLS Communications Tools

Time: 5:50
In this Digital Byte, Jamie talks about the communications tools that WVLS uses, and how they can help you.

Keeping Track: Recording Program Statistics in the Wisconsin Public Library Annual Report
Time: 32:29
It’s annual report time! Anne and Tessa Michaelson Schmidt share how to track program statistics and walk you through a new tool that you can use to track them.
Watch     Transcript


Latest Digital Byte

Annual Report
  • Keeping Track: Recording Program Statistics in the Wisconsin Public Library Annual Report 32:29   Watch     Transcript
Continuing Education
  • Continuing Education Resources  5:22   Watch
  • Forms for Public Library Certification   6:35   Watch
Customer Service
Databases/Online Resources
  • NoveList Plus 10:50   Watch
  • Sharing Gale Courses Links 2:15    Watch
Marketing and Advocacy
  • Creating Transparent Logos 6:28  Watch
  • Free Stock Photos   5:32    Watch
  • Introduction to Canva 27:44    Watch      Digital Bytes Training Guide
  • MailChimp   6:08   Watch
  • Photo Editing Apps    5:55  Watch
  • Print Friendly   2:55   Watch
  • Scheduling Facebook Posts    4:06   Watch
  • Scheduling Facebook Posts On Your Mobile Device   2:59   Watch
  • URL Shorteners   2:35   Watch
  • Writing a Press Release  9:03     Watch   Training Guide
  • Zoterobib: Creating a Bibliography    4:05  Watch
Technology Tools
  • 5 Ways to Improve Your Website Immediately   14:31    Watch      Training Guide
  • Images on Websites 12:24   Watch
  • Online Digital Book Club 7:35  Watch
  • Spring Cleaning for Your Website    8:00   Watch    Training Guide
  • URL Shorteners   2:35   Watch
Workplace Problem Solving & Culture
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