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NEW! Continuing Education Resources
Time: 5:22
Description: Jamie talks resources that are available in continuing education. 


Recent Digital Bytes

Internet Discount Finder
Time: 6:50
Description: Jamie talks about a great feature to help library patrons determine which internet service providers in Wisconsin can be affordable.


Home Improvement Reference Center 2018
Time: 9:19
Description: Anne talks about how to use this great tool as part of EBSCO databases.


Challenging Colleagues
Time: 14:04

Description: Jamie talks about solutions on working with colleagues who challenge us.
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5 Ways to Improve Your Website Immediately

Time: 14:31
Description: Anne provides tips and tricks to immediately improve your library’s website.
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Internal Customer Service: Strong Work Ethic

Time: 11:41
Description: Using five characteristics with examples, Jamie explores what it means to have a strong work ethic in your library.
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WVLS Website Overview

Time: 13:35
Description: Anne gives an overview of the WVLS website, and how you can easily find the resources and items that you need.


Positive Work Culture

Time: 12:33
Description: Jamie talks about some simple ways to make your library work culture more positive.



Time: 27:44
Description: Anne walks you through creating beautiful images for your library, using a free online tool called Canva.


Creating Transparent Logos

Time: 6:28
Description: Jamie shows you how to make your library logo transparent for use in marketing purposes.
Google Cardboard Glasses
Time: 12:45
Description: Anne shows you how to use Google Cardboard Glasses and talks about virtual reality.


QR Codes (Creating)
Time: 11:10
Description: Jamie talks about QR codes. What are they? Why are they used? And how could you use them in your library?
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1,000 Books Before Kindergarten App & Marketing Toolkit

Time: 12:44
Description: Anne walks through free using this app and marketing toolkit, developed by the Bridges Library System.
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Time: 16:21
Description: Jing is a free screencast tool that is great for capturing images or video. Learn how to do both in this Digital Byte.
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Time: 7:34
Description: This Digital Byte focuses on using Dashboard and its statistics, available on the WVLS website.
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Doodle Poll

Time: 11:33
Description: Learn how to set up a poll using Doodle, a free online tool. It also shows you how to share your poll, as well as the results of your poll.
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Makerspace Kits (How to Book)

Time: 10:14
Description: Learn how to book a WVLS Makerspace kit for your library with step-by-step instructions.
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Customer Service Series:
  • Phone and Email Tips
    Time: 17:45
    Description: This byte focuses on customer service in the library, and more specifically, how we can best communicate with patrons and colleagues over the phone and via email.
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  • The Role of Body Language
    Time: 16:24
    Description: This byte focuses on customer service in the library, and more specifically, how body language and facial expressions can have an impact on the service we provide.
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  • The Role of Positive Language
    Time: 18:22
    Description: This byte focuses on how using positive language can improve library service. What phrases should we be using regularly? Which ones should we avoid?
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