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Design and Marketing

Consistency, organization, detail. Learn the basics of design for successful marketing and promotion. Marketing from the basic email to a full-blown campaign.

WVLS Design Basics Slide Presentation

Marketing Resources

Find marketing blogs and professional tools, marketing webinars, no/low cost marketing tools, infographic resources, no/low cost photo sources, free font resources, free icons and graphics, and more.

Things you can do NOW!

Read “Subtle Nudges: Reminding Your Audience About Upcoming Events” by John Jackson for the Programing Librarian on October 3, 2017.

  • Create and run pre-speaker or pre-program slides for upcoming events or services
  • Place Printed fliers on seats
  • Place E-newsletter sign-up sheets everywhere!
  • Event Correspondents: Ask attendees before and after events about their experience, ask about interests for programming ideas.

Basic Design Elements

Marketing Blogs & Professional Resources

Marketing Webinars

Online Design Platforms

Create flyers, infographics, poster, banners, and more!

New tool to experiment with similar to Canva: Snappa

Social Media Tips & Tools


David Lee King outlines successful social media use in Library Technology Reports January 2015

  1. Be Relevant– Know your audience and what they want.
  2. Be Consistent– Post consistently across all library social media accounts.
  3. Pay attention to different tools and different rules for each social media tool.
  4. Share the Library’s Story– Share milestones, user stories, pictures, staff pictures, awards, behind the scenes.
  5. Be Human– Connect with people through conversational style.
  6. Type like you talk.
  7. Be Helpful– Share tips and tools or host a Q&A session, ask questions.
  8. Think Short– Twitter allows only 140 characters for a reason. Time is precious.
  9. Be Visual– Use images and videos.
  10. Encourage Audience Participation– Ask questions, make contests. create a call to action.


David Lee King outlines successful social media use in Library Technology Reports January 2015

  1. Facebook – Topeka and Shawnee County Public Library
  2. Twitter – Kansas City Public Library
  3. You Tube – Allen County Public Library
  4. Instagram – Library of Congress
  5. Pinterest – Seattle Public Library
  6. Google Plus – New York Public Library
  7. Flickr – Boston Public Library
  8. Snapchat (App for smartphones and tablets) – Snapchat Content Ideas for Libraries – David Lee King

No/Low Cost Image, Fonts, Audio Sources

No/Low Cost Image, Fonts, Audio Sources

Always check license information and requirements for use requirements.

Free Fonts

No/Low Cost Icons/Graphics

No/Low CostMusic


An infographic tells a story crafted by the creator and is built for a specific reason. To convince, inspire, inform… Your library can use infographics for advocacy all year long. Use reliable statistics to advocate for budgets, brag about your programs and attendance, show off a special collection, outline unexpected library services and more!

Clearly, and in a compelling manner, this example shows that information graphics can do more than just present numbers. they offer a medium for individuals to tell their story, engage and convince their readers, and invite them to make a personal connection to the data.

Hsuanwei Michelle Chen. “Real-World Uses for Information Visualization in libraries.” LIbrary Technology Reports, April 2017.

Infographic Resources

Find free or low cost infographic web tools, infographic examples, no/low cost photo sources, fonts, icons, graphics, and more.

Create an Annual Report Brochure Using LibPAS

Use LibPAS the Wisconsin state reporting system to general a tri-fold annual report brochure using your library’s statistics.

Where can I find data to use in an infographic?

Where can I find library data to use in an infographic?

  • Your Library’s annual report.
  • WVLS System Membership Information and Public Library Statistics 2015
  • Circulation reports
  • Program attendance reports
  • 2016 V-Cat Library infographics. WVLS created infographics for each library to use or gather inspiration from. Find editable documents below.
  • 2013 IFLS System Infographics

What free tools can I use to build an infographic?

What free tools can I use to build an infographic?

Each resource is already available to your library or is a website that offers a free version.

Where can I find low/no cost photos, fonts, icons and graphics to use in my infographic?

Where can I find low/no cost photos, fonts, icons and graphics to use in my infographic?

First, always check license information and requirements before using any free item. Many free use websites include directions for how each free item can be used. Some photos, icons etc. require the creator to be cited, others do not.






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