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Customer Service, The Role of Body Language
Time: 16:24

Description: This byte focuses on customer service in the library, and more specifically, how body language and facial expressions can have an impact on the service we provide.



Customer Service, The Role of Positive Language
Time: 18:22
Description: This byte focuses on how using positive language can improve library service. What phrases should we be using regularly? Which ones should we avoid?
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How to Use Positive Language in Customer Service

4 Benefits of Bite-Size Learning

Micro-learning is the modular delivery of crisp, short e-learning training “nuggets” to employees. These powerful (brief) learning blasts support a formal instructor-led training and e-learning program so that the learning stays centered on the learner and arranged within their educational experience. Its compact design is also compatible with the mobile shift because learning can be accessed anytime, not only through a Learning Management System but also through emails and employee portals, and can be downloaded on smart phones or tablets.

Before you take (the) plunge into micro-learning, here are 4 benefits of bite-size learning you should consider:

It’s Familiar and Brief

Interestingly, from Traditionalists to Generation Z, micro-learning is already taking place throughout the day. If you need to learn how to do something, you search Google, watch a quick YouTube video, ask your Facebook group, text a friend, or read a blog. We all enjoy these quick encounters. According to the research report from Software Advice titled, “Top LMS Features to Drive Employee Engagement“, greater than 50% of survey respondents of a random sample of 385 full-time employees indicated that they would be more likely to use their company’s online learning tools if the content was broken up into multiple, shorter lessons. Micro-learning content is narrow, granular, easily digestible, and actionable.

It’s Engaging and Millennials Will LOVE IT!

Micro-learning engages the learner with just-in-time training. One of the most effective techniques is use of short videos. The popularity of TED Talks is a great example of successful micro-learning. Read more…

Maria Lawson
Vice President of Training and Development
Edge2Learn / Ellis Partners in Management Solutions
Edge2Learn Blog Roll, August 1, 2017


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