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There are now two options for mobile hot spot services. Mobile Beacon andĀ Sprint services.

WVLS and Indianhead Federated Library System (IFLS) have three Sprint Moble Hot Spots availabe for your library to test in your community.

Regardless of which service you choose, testing the Sprint moble hot spot first is helpful. Contact the Technology Support Services team by emailingĀ help@librarieswin.org.

WVLS and IFLS are still exploring new options for mobile hot spot vendors (Verizon). More information to come.

Sprint Mobile Hot Spot

  • “Free” devices with a $41 per month subscription fee per service line used.
  • State of WI Contract option allows monthly use with no contracts. Your library can use the service for a couple months and then disable if needed without penalties.
  • “Unlimited” services, for the purpose of use by libraries and/or their users.
  • Management platform which helps with management of devices and service across libraries who use it from the library system level.

Mobile Beacon

  • Lower cost of service per month but no management platform.
  • Mobile Beacon works with Sprint Mobile Hot Spots.
  • “Unlimited” services for $120 per device paid yearly (that’s onyl $10 a month!).
  • Libraries must purchase their own hot spot devices through Mobile Beacon (or Tech Soup in some cases).
  • Libraries must self manage devices, no management platform.

Submitted by Joshua Klingbeil