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Libraries can and should create events for programs with striking images and a great description as events can be shared through collaborators, Facebook groups, and Facebook users near the library will see the event in their feed. What’s not to love about that?!

  • Facebookers in your vicinity see your library event in their feed after you create an event.
  • You can tag event/program collaborators in your event who can then share your event to their audience. This widens your reach!
  • An event description with keywords increases visibility of your event online.
  • Users who mark they are “interested” in your event are notified every time you update the event.
  • You can share your event with community influencers, people who have a lot of connections in your community, and ask them to share your event.
  • You can pay a minimal fee (even just $5!) for an ad that allows you to choose a specific audience you would like to reach with the add. Imagine how far $5 would go in a Facebook ad for your libraries annual Santa visit or town festival!
  • You can link to Facebook events from other social media platforms and in emails.
  • You can schedule events ahead of time using the f

Resources on Facebook Events, Ads and Boosted Posts… What’s the difference?!