The annual WISCAT licensing period begins soon, which means it’s a great time to share information on WISCAT and how it benefits Wisconsin’s schools and libraries.

WISCAT is Wisconsin’s resource sharing platform. With a WISCAT license, subscribers have access to all aspects of WISCAT, including the following:

  • Creating and managing interlibrary loan (ILL) requests
  • Access to out-of-state OCLC lenders via Resources for Libraries & Lifelong Learning’s statewide clearinghouse
  • Optional patron-initiated interlibrary loan
  • Access to interlibrary loan reports and statistics
  • Ability to add, change, or delete holdings interactively in the union catalog or make your Z39.50 compatible library catalog accessible in WISCAT
  • Customizable search and display options
  • Technical support and training
  • Downloading of MARC records

With a WISCAT license, your library can share resources with the following:

  • Other WISCAT libraries, including public, school, academic, and special libraries across Wisconsin
  • Public and academic libraries in Minnesota, North Dakota, and South Dakota via MINITEX
  • Hundreds of additional out-of-state lenders via OCLC

With a WISCAT license, the resource sharing possibilities for your patrons are endless. In addition to books, you can request and share audiovisual materials, microfilm, articles from serials, and more, including book kits and multiple copies of the same title for book clubs using the multi-copy requesting function. Physical materials are delivered through the statewide delivery network (which includes MINITEX). Note that return shipping fees apply if an item belongs to a library outside of the delivery network.

Is your library interested in lending but not borrowing? Many generous libraries lend their robust collections to WISCAT subscribers without borrowing, themselves — and you can do that without paying for a license! Contact WISCAT staff to connect your library’s catalog to WISCAT using a Z39.50 connection and start lending.

Join the 500+ libraries throughout Wisconsin that are subscribing to WISCAT and the hundreds more that WISCAT borrows from nationwide, and start sharing today! An annual WISCAT license runs from January to December and costs $200 per library code. Entities representing a legally constituted county library AND acting as an ILL Clearinghouse qualify for alternative pricing. The licensing period will open soon, so stay tuned for that announcement. For more information, see the WISCAT website, or contact us.

Written by Gail Murray, Resources for Libraries & Lifelong Learning

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