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Are you looking to refresh programming for adults at your library? Find ideas and resources below for inspiration all year long.
And, save the date for the 2019 Adult Services Summit on November 7, following the V-Cat meeting.

Cut the Cord:” invite speakers to talk about alternative TV services: Hulu, Netflix, Apple TV, Direct TV

#libsocial:  A newsletter that always has awesome program suggestions for 20s and 30 somethings that would appeal to all adults. Sign up and have it delivered right to your inbox.

YouTube Academy: View a short and intriguing video from YouTube and then have participants create something. For example, watch a short video on fantastic treehouses and have attendees draw blueprints for their own treehouse.

Be Your Own Bubbler: Invite a local expert to teach interactive classes about their art/skill: woodworking, sculptor, painter, poet, metalworker, horticulturalist, canner, beekeeper, cheesemaker, brewer, baker, etc.

It’s Not Such a Small World After All:” provide Google Cardboard Glasses available in the makerspace kit collection and take a group on a virtual field trip without ever leaving the library! Explore Google Expeditions, YouTube’s Virtual Reality Channel, and many free resources for free content with an internet search.

Snag a Big Author: Why not “throw your hat in the ring?” Send an email to a beloved author asking if they are open to virtual author visits! Find an author? WVLS can help with streaming.

Let’s Go Phishing:” Host a speaker about online safety and lead attendees through exercises to detect scams in their emails with Phishing IQ tests.

Sip ‘n Swipe: A ready-to-use program for older adults that teaches them how to use tablet technology. An interactive tutorial which teaches seniors to use tablet technology, provided by a national nonprofit, Generations on Line (GoL).

Wisconsin Author Project: Host a program on how local authors can create a professionally formatted ebook or book for print using Pressbooks and show attendees how to submit work through Self-E. Then tour the Wisconsin Author Project collection in Biblioboard of submissions from Wisconsin authors.

Gale Courses: invite anyone who’s interested in taking any class to sit together, drink coffee, and provide support for Gale Courses. Browse the catalog together.