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Please order all new computers and equipment which need to be accounted for in the 2017 fiscal year by Friday, December 1, 2017.

This year IFLS and WVLS have been working together through the LEAN WI partnership to become more consistent with each other as we continue to blend direct technical support and technology planning and consultation services. We understand that each library has unique processes, policies, and timelines regarding end of year procurement and financial management. To ensure we are able to accommodate requests and processes across all members, we’ve established a December 1 due date for computer and equipment orders in 2017.

Reminder: Direct technical support is available for the standardized computer models and equipment, managed equipment, and managed application services provided by or procured through IFLS and WVLS. We respect each library’s right to self-manage its technology environment, but the effectiveness of our equitable service model is only possible for those members leveraging the LEAN WI partnership’s equipment, application, and configuration standards.

The LEAN WI partners help with technology consultation and planning services, empowering member libraries to build effective technology lifecycle plans. Many member libraries are already comfortably established with technology budgets and plans. Some libraries are in the midst of managing changing budgets, administration, or use of technology. A few libraries self-manage much or all of their technology environments. Library directors and/or dedicated technology administrators are encouraged to work in partnership with us regardless of current status, so we may all help each other manage our interconnected technology ecosystem as effectively as possible.