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Two topics that the Library Advisory Committee (LAC) members discussed during the meeting on April 4 were assisting library users in completing specific tasks on computers and library staff wanting to improve their computer skills.
What are some challenges?

  • Users have a specific task (resume, job application, send an email) that they would like assistance with, but they do not know how to use a computer
  • Users would like to develop basic computer skills, but the library cannot allocate a staff member for an extended period of time
  • Workforce Development Job Centers are too far away from libraries to offer assistance

The Basic Computer Skills MOOC, a program created by the Wisconsin Technical College System, is an internet-based program that covers computer basics. Skills such as learning to use a mouse all the way to managing personal data online are covered. Each module starts with a description of learning objectives and has a table of contents which is used for navigation.

This program is an all-encompassing, self-paced resource that can be used without creating an account. If desired, users can create an account to track their progress. Both methods are helpful for users completing specific tasks or for those looking to improve their skills over time. 

Using this resource, library staff can log into a computer for a user, find the skill or task the user is interested in, and encourage the user to learn on their own. 

Learn more about this project, funded by a grant from the Department of Labor. 

Submitted by Anne Hamland