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1.      Acts as executive officer of the library and administrative officer to the Library Board, prepares agendas, Director’s reports and other reports for the Board, reports to the Board on current trends and developments in library service and legislation, prepares and submits the library budget to the Board and advises the Board on policy matters.

2.      Establishes overall services of the library in light of changing community needs.

3.      Recruits, selects, hires, supervises, evaluates and terminates library staff.

4.      Researches, negotiates and oversees the implementation of contracts.

5.      Acts as spokesperson for the library, relates library objectives to the community and is active in community organizations.

6.      Works with government officials and other community leaders to discuss the needs and issues of the library.

7.      Works closely with the Mayor, the City Administrator, Alderpersons, department heads and school staff on issues that affect the library.

8.      Works with the Library Board in developing a long range plan and is responsible for implementing the plan.

9.      Maintains the library collection by supervising the staff in the selection of library materials.

10.  Continuously studies and evaluates the existing library collection in terms of community needs and library trends and recommends appropriate changes for their improvement to the Library Board.

11.  Directs a program of public relations designed to inform the community about library services.

12.  Provides reference service on a regularly scheduled basis.

13.  Cooperates with and contributes to the Milwaukee County Federated Library System in regards to policy, procedures, staff training, etc.

14.  Reviews security measures for the building and staff and makes recommendations to the Board.

15.  Interprets library policy when dealing with patron problems.

16.  Represents the Library Board at City functions, meetings, etc.

17.  Responsible for the overall physical plant.


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