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The deadline to submit your proposal is Friday, May 26th. If you have any questions, please contact Andrea Coffin at acoffin@wils.org or wplc-info@wils.org.

Do you have questions about your community that you need answers to in order to expand or improve your services?  Would you like more knowledge about and practice gathering and understanding data that will help you make decisions? If so, submit a proposal to have your survey or other research project funded by the WPLC and contribute your work to the larger WPLC community!

The call for proposals is open to any person or team from the Wisconsin public library community that has attended or viewed all four webinars in the Research Program series.  On the WPLC website, you’ll find all sorts of information to help you create your proposal:

Up to five projects will be selected, and selected projects will receive two free and private consultations with Morrill Solutions Research, one to implement data-gathering projects and another to interpret the project results.

Submitted by Joshua Klignbeil.