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We had a great turn out on Tuesday, Oct. 16, for the Gale Courses Launch Workshop. If you were unable to attend, the recording can be found here:  https://youtu.be/_hmGC1wIb3k

We strongly encourage someone on your staff to watch the training or at least take a look at the Gale Courses Resources page on the WVLS website. https://wvls.org/gale-courses/

This page has social media shares, web banners, a sample press release, a sample newsletter article, and more. You can access it under “Member Services” from the WVLS home page.

Anne is in the process of designing individual library specific flyers. To see what your flyer currently looks like, go to the WVLS website, https://wvls.org/gale-courses/, and click the + sign by WVLS Specific Library Flyers, on the right-hand side.

In addition, every library will be receiving 2 posters that you can hang in your library. If you were not at the workshop on Tuesday, those will arrive via courier.

Gale Courses is open now and available: https://education.gale.com/l-wvalley/
However, the public should not be encouraged to use the site until November 1, which is our official, contracted launch date.
The site is open now so you and your staff can get comfortable with using it. Please use November 1st as the launch date when marketing Gale Courses to your library users.

This week, WVLS will be sending out a system-wide press release about the launch. You might receive some inquiries from your local paper.

Please let me know if you have questions, or if we can be of further assistance.

Gale Courses is a fantastic resource, and we know your library users will love it.