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The Creative Aging Toolkit for Public Libraries is a free, online resource for librarians. It offers access to information about aging and libraries, creative aging research, and best practices in the field. The toolkit contains insights, tips, tools and templates to be used when planning, implementing and sustaining successful programs.

First, review the Aging & Libraries section to access Aging Trends and topics including: DemographicsLongevity & HealthNew Patterns of Work, Retirement & Learning; as well as consider common Impediments to Positive Aging.

Next, browse Implications for Libraries, Public Programs and 50+ Services, and discover the ways that Creative Aging Programs position the library as a center for learning and creativity for older adults.

The Creative Aging section defines the concept, provides background information on the Theory & Practice, details Programming Models in Libraries and for Other Organizations.

Next, review the steps involved in Planning a Program. In this section you will learn about (1) assessing your patrons’ needs and interests, and consider how your programming will benefit from (2) forging community partnerships. You will understand how teaching artists differ from regular artists and (3) find out how to select and hire one. Together, you and your teaching artist will (4) Develop a Curriculum and Budget, and finally, you will discover what (5) your options are related to funding.

In the Implementation Guidelines section you will explore issues and strategies related to funding and sustaining your program:

  1. Coordinating Logistics
  2. Recruiting Participants
  3. Preparing Space and Materials
  4. Monitoring, Documenting and Evaluating
  5. Organizing a Culminating Event
  6. Focus on Sustainability

The Resources section offers direct access to several categories of selected materials, media and content included in the Toolkit, such as: AudioBlogs & ColumnsCase StudiesCenters & InstitutesExpertsFunding Sources, an Image BankOrganizationsRelated ToolkitsReferencesReportsTools & Samples, and Video.


Ideally, all who implement creative aging programs in libraries will share your experiences and insights with the Toolkit community.

We would like to share blog posts that you publish on your library blogs, and also to invite you to publish blog posts and case studies featuring your programs, patrons and teaching artists here in the Toolkit.

We are also interested in gauging your interest using Google Hangouts as a tool for further community discussion.

Please share your observations, suggestions, links, photos, videos, resources, and pitch blog posts to us via the following channels: