715-261-7250 | Mon.- Fri. 8-5pm help@librarieswin.org

WVLS created a webpage devoted to COVID-19 and assisting its member libraries. You will find:

  • Status Updates of WVLS Member Libraries
  • Health Resources
  • Archive of the WVLS Covid-19 Daily Update
  • Language Used for Library Closures
  • WVLS Operations

The WVLS Office is closed until April 6 (subject to change). This means:

  • Staff are required to work remotely or take paid time off. Limited staff members will be allowed in the office area during this time. 
  • There will be no travel for WVLS staff to member libraries, meetings or conferences during this time.
  • All scheduled meetings from WVLS will be virtual.
  • Phone lines and emails by WVLS staff will be monitored as usual. 

Please contact individual staff members via email, or use help@librarieswin.org.