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To support literacy for all library users of Wisconsin Valley Library Service member libraries, a $20,000 grant will be provided to partnering WVLS libraries to create a space in their libraries where families can talk, read, sing, write, and play together. Libraries are literacy centers in communities. Libraries fight the 30 million word gap and the summer slide with storytimes, summer programs, educational programs, activities, guest speakers, special programming, reader’s advisory, robust collections and more. Family literacy spaces filled with fun, activities focused on literacies, and quality information under the leadership of librarians, will enhance library offerings as a major literacy resource in the community.

What might this grant create in your library?
• Vibrant space that attracts the eye: vibrant signage and space design.
• Prominent conversation prompts with content from: Talking is Teaching, Growing
Wisconsin Readers, Babies Need Words Everyday, Reach Out & Read, U.S. Department of
Education and more…
• Equipment for all ages and needs: sensory friendly, various heights, textures, firmness, and
styles such as bench, chair, rocking chair, stool and more…
• Activity tables, educational games, intriguing manipulatives and activities, physical activity
prompts, board books, easy readers and more…
• Rotating information sources such as handouts, brochures, rack cards to encourage and
help parents talk, read, sing, write, and play with their children.

How might this grant benefit your community?
• Librarians are literacy experts. Developing a literacy space creates another avenue allowing
for librarians to share their literacy expertise with the community.
• Library staff can talk about library services with all family members using the space.
• Library staff can use this space as an opportunity for impromptu storytimes to model
literacy skills and share literacy asides with caregivers. (Saroj Ghoting is a leading expert in
early literacy instruction for librarians interacting with caregivers).

Please visit the WVLS Scholarships and Grants web page, for more information, and to download a grant application.