Wessler Scholarships


The moneys in this fund are to be invested as a special fund, the earnings of which are to be disbursed for the purpose of providing financial assistance for continuing education opportunities in the areas of reference, referral and interlibrary loan services for personnel employed by WVLS libraries.

As long as the applicant can describe how their attendance is likely to improve their ability to perform the reference/referral and interloan tasks currently assigned to them, their application will be given serious consideration by the WVLS Board of Trustees and/or its Executive Committee. Topics which could be considered for Wessler funding might include (but are not limited to) the following: reference skills, reference materials, referral patterns, interloan procedures/protocols, collection development, book selection, personal improvement such as how to communicate more efficiently, supervisory skills, office efficiency, most internet and computer skills sessions, space studies in current or new facilities, etc.

Download the Wessler Scholarship application form.

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Wessler Scholarship contibutions have been received in memory or in honor of:

  • Carol Ruth Wessler – 1st WVLS Reference Librarian
  • Wayne Randolph Bassett – 2nd WVLS Director
  • Mabel “Mickey” Weik – WVLS Employee
  • Richard Korzilius – WVLS Trustee
  • Susan Stoddard – WVLS Trustee
  • Dorothea Krause – 1st WVLS Director
  • John Tobakos – WVLS Trustee
  • Leon Lewis – WVLS Trustee
  • Carol Boron – WVLS Trustee
  • Elizabeth Scully – WVLS Employee
  • Raymond Orr – WVLS Trustee
  • Roy Van Dreser – WVLS Trustee
  • Florence Burek – WVLS Trustee
  • Faith Wheeler – WVLS Employee
  • Richard Heckman – WVLS Trustee
  • Robert Curran – WVLS Trustee
  • Bernice Graveen – WVLS Employee
  • Howard Lovestead – WVLS Trustee
  • Robert See – WVLS Trustee
  • Lucille Wild – WVLS Trustee
  • Audrey Rochon – WVLS Employee
  • Ellsworth Bliss – WVLS Trustee
  • Fay Maas – WVLS Employee
  • Faith Berglund – MCPL Employee
  • Louann Fenhaus – WVLS Trustee
  • Leo Martin - WVLS Trustee
  • Elizabeth Baur - WVLS Employee
  • Dorothy Scott - WVLS Trustee
  • H. Barbara Schmoeckel - WVLS Employee

Wessler Scholarships have been awarded to:

  • Linda Gau – Marathon County Public Library
  • Michelle Ploskonka – Edward Demmer Memorial Library, Three Lakes
  • Carol Lanich – Edward Demmer Memorial Library, Three Lakes
  • Faith Berglund – Marathon County Public Library
  • Paula Steuernagel – Tomahawk Public Library
  • Deborah Lemke – St Matthew Middle School
  • Mary Dunn – Tomahawk Public Library
  • Caralyn Stellflue – Rhinelander District Library
  • Kathy Wegner – Neillsville Public Library
  • JoAnn Gustavson – Neillsville Public Library
  • Inese Christman – Marathon County Public Library
  • Donna Hertel – T.B. Scott Free Library
  • Phyllis Christensen – Marathon County Public Library
  • Sharyn Heili – Marathon County Public Library
  • Rachel Cornelius – Marathon County Public Library
  • Eleanor Schwartz – T.B. Scott Free Library
  • Don Litzer – T.B. Scott Free Library