Please join WVLS in congratulating the Colby Public Library and Rhinelander District Library as the spring 2017 recipients of the WVLS Innovation and Collaboration Grant!

WVLS offers a competitive grant to a member library to develop and implement a service for their community that is both innovative and collaborative. The new service, program or project should be sustainable, innovative, collaborative, and add value to the community.

Applications are accepted for two grant cycles: January-March and June-August.

What’s innovative? Something libraries have not done before that may be unique to the community or adaptable to all libraries. The sky is the limit, that is the difficult part. For example, a library could apply to create a WIFI garden for patron use when the library is closed?

Find complete details, ideas, and past grant winning proposals on the WVLS Innovation and Collaboration Grant page. The first WVLS Innovation and Collaboration Grant winner was the Crandon Public Library in 2016.

Colby Public Library Proposal

WVLS will fully-fund the Colby Public Library proposal to build a STEAM activity and program station in the new library location at the full amount of $4,500.

The application includes three collaborators: Colby Public Library, Colby School District, and St. Mary’s School.

This proposal is original in that the Colby Public Library will collaborate with community school teachers and local professionals to provide excellent programming straight from STEAM professionals.

The Friends of the Colby Public Library will sustain the STEAM station after the WVLS Innovation and Collaboration Grant.

Rhinelander District Library Proposal

WVLS will fully fund the Rhinelander District Library proposal to rebuild a weekend writer’s retreat in collaboration with ArtStart at the full amount of $3,675.

The application includes a curriculum committee with over six collaborators: Rhinelander District Library, ArtStart, The Wisconsin Arts Board, Nicolet College, University of Wisconsin, The Robert Gard Foundation, local partners and past SOA instructors and participants.

This proposal is original, libraries have author visits but no WVLS libraries have a weekend long writing workshop with activities.

Most importantly, the Rhinelander District Library is requesting funding to jump start restarting a popular program and plans to work with community stakeholders to supplement participant tuition in the future.

The funding will also enable the library to train an intern throughout the planning and program process to establish an event procedure for years to come.

Submitted by Anne Hamland.