Complaint Procedure

It is the policy of the WVLS and the V-Cat Council to deal promptly and fairly with complaints. This complaint procedure is established to focus on the reasons for complaints and to provide an effective means for resolving them. The procedure is as follows:

Step 1: 
Believing that most problems are caused by simple misunderstandings, a person having a complaint about the behavior of any other V-Cat member or with WVLS staff identified as ‘V-Cat staff’ should first discuss and attempt to resolve the matter with the person/people causing their distress.

Step 2: 
If the complaint is not successfully dealt with via direct discussion (Step 1), the interaction should be documented in writing, i.e., description of problem, when/where it happened, who was involved, brief description of what was said at the time, etc. All parties involved may write/file their own description of the event/s. This written and signed description should be sent to the WVLS Director who shall discuss and attempt to settle the complaint with the plaintiff/s and the accused.

Step 3:
If the complaint cannot be settled by the WVLS Director, he/she will seek advice by asking the Chair of the V-Cat Council to call a special closed session meeting of the V-Cat Council committee designated to handle personnel issues. At this meeting the identified problem and steps taken to try to solve it will be discussed. Plaintiff/s and accused will be informed of this meeting and will be invited to attend. Each will be invited to bring along another person of their choice. The WVLS Director will also be present.

Step 4:
If the complaint has not been resolved by discussion with either the WVLS Director or the V-Cat Council committee designated to handle personnel issues, the plaintiff/s may appeal, in writing (and signed), to the WVLS Board with a copy of the appeal sent to the WVLS Director. The Executive Committee of the WVLS Board shall meet with the plaintiff/s, the accused, the WVLS Director, and the V-Cat Council Chair. Plaintiff/s and accused will each be invited to bring along another person of their choice. The WVLS Board will issue a written decision, which shall be final.

NOTE: This procedure does not contain time limits. It is expected that the parties will promptly take action to resolve complaints.


Complaints about operational/structural/procedural matters related to WVLS’ shared automation system (called ‘V-Cat’) should, most profitably, be brought to the V-Cat Council as a whole. This is done by requesting that a discussion item be added to the agenda of the next V-Cat Council meeting. The request to have an item included on a future agenda should be sent to both the V-Cat Administrator and the V-Cat Chair.

V-Cat members are encouraged to make regular use of the email list of V-Cat members (and others who have indicated an interest in the V-Cat project) to register V-Cat-related questions or issues.  Please post questions/issues to whole list.  Person/s to whom question/issue is addressed is expected to respond to the entire list so that all know about both the question/issue and all can see how the question/issue has been resolved, or at least dealt with.